Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ways the SCV can attract young members

The things that make a bunch of old guys interested in the SCV will not be the same things that attract younger men and boys. Battle Flag credit cards and political commentaries are not going to spark a young man's interest in his heritage. That's old guy stuff.

Also, it is unrealistic to expect every SCV member to be a good ol country boy. That's not heritage, its image. Like it or not, lots of kids are not going to be drawn to an organization based on seer sucker suits or how many members act like good ol' boys. We have to ask ourselves, how bad do we want younger members?

Good idea #1: Video games can be very educational. For guys that like to play Warcraft, here are some Civil War battle maps for download. Somebody really has to jump on this stuff. We could give away copies of Sid Meiers Civil War Collection, or The History Channel's A Nation Divided.

Good Idea #2: Advocate for the release of Johnny Rotten's video visit to a reenactment. John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) was the lead singer for some very famous bands in the 1970s - 90s and hosted a series called "Rotten Loves America." In one installment, Rotten visited Nelson Winbush and confederate reenactors. The corporate sponsors refuse to release the video. See where his website mentions the SCV and "War of Southern Independence" here. By the way, Johnny Rotten says happy birthday to Nelson Winbush here.

Good idea #3: Buy bulk copies of the new Haunted Tank and give them out with flyers or stickers. Now if you are an old guy, you can't tell me you didn't like Haunted Tank. I read them as a kid. They were great. The new series looks good too. The lesson of the new series? Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Another good idea- if the series is still going, take out an ad in the comic. Visit the comic at the DC/Vetigo site here.

This stuff is gold.

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