Monday, February 15, 2010

Memorial Day 2009

I know this is old, but i recently got my phone service upgraded and I can now share all the pics I've taken with my cel over the last two years. Here is a marker that was erected by the local UCV in Oklahoma City's Fairlawn Cemetery. It really is beautiful and touching. I have a couple pics of Confed graves and I'll post them if I can find any info on the people or units. I'd like to spend some time looking up names on both sides as there are probably three times as many identifiable Union graves as there are Confederate in this particular cemetery.

Fairlawn Cemetery 2700 North Shartel Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

It really is a shame that the SCV controversies from several years ago negatively affected how much attention is given to Confederate graves. Continuing SCV members take care of some sites and avoid those sites which are frequented by the members who were "purged". As a result, no one faction has a comprehensive mission. If a site is forgotten by one group, the other group will never know. Territories are defined by personal grudges and institutional memory is lost on both sides.

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