Monday, August 18, 2008

Armed Confederate "Negroes"

... is just "another confederate lie" according to some other bloggers who- like televangelists, don't have to know their source documents because their moral outrage gives them an intuition that trumps the expertise of historians and genealogists. The conspiracy must be widespread indeed when Northern propagandists are telling the same lies:

"...they [the Confederacy] have, by means of sweeping conscription, gathered in countless hordes, and threaten to overwhelm the armies of the Union, with blood and treason in their hearts. They flaunt the black flag of rebellion in the face of the Government, and threaten to butcher our brave and loyal armies with foreign bayonets. They arm Negroes and merciless savages in their behalf."

- July 11, 1862 - Rich D. Yates, Governor of Illinois, Federal Official Records, "Correspondence, Etc.", Vol. II, pg. 218

They [the Confederates] arm [give weapons to] Negroes and ...

Or maybe the 1862 Governor of Illinois is a neo-confederate revisionist?

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