Friday, September 12, 2008

Indiana Newspaper reports armed Confederate "Negroes"

Letter from a Union soldier, published in the Indianapolis (Indiana) Star, December 23, 1861:

Attack On Our Soldiers By Armed Negroes- A body of seven hundred Negro infantry opened fire on our men, wounding two lieutenants and two privates. The wounded men testify positively that they were shot by Negroes, and that not less than seven hundred were present, armed with muskets. This is, indeed a new feature in the war. We have heard of a regiment of [Confederate] Negroes at Manassas, and another at Memphis, and still another at New Orleans, but did not believe it till it came so near home and attacked our men.

My comments: I've learned that social engineering is real. Nowadays, historical facts that contradict popular belief are considered "revisionism"... even by academics. Instead of letting our understanding of history be shaped by eyewitness accounts and historical documents, its just more convenient to call it all "revisionism" so we don't have to change what we believe.

Despite the antiquity of the above letter, it would be called revisionism to mention it. Southern historians have been talking about this stuff for years. But we must preserve the papal primacy of Harvard and Yale scholars even if it means filtering what we learn.

I guess those of us who grew up in the South cannot really be objective. After all, those armies marched and fought on what would later become our back yards. Some of us grew up playing on Civil War battlefields. Our relationship with the War is merely intimate. We don't have the clinical detachment required to really understand.

Don't read this and casually browse to something else. I know tons of you are reading this in Tennessee, but I'm preaching to the choir here. Forward this stuff on. To anybody not in the SCV.

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J. Stephen Conn said...

Great blog! Thanks for publishing the unvarnished truth.