Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Judah P. Benjamin would be proud

I don't want to diminish the thoughtful birthday gifts I received from close friends at my 40th birthday party. They were very meaningful.

However I just received another birthday gift from one of my favorite groups, The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band. This is a real treat.

On another blog I mentioned how I received some klezmer music for my birthday. Through a google search the band's founder came across my blog post. As a result, Maxwell Street sent this most excellent b-day gift to me (photo @ right).

Maxwell Street Klezmer Band. The band is named after Chicago's first and most famous center of Jewish life, the vibrant Maxwell Street marketplace. True to the spirit of their name, the band includes several recent immigrants whose style blends beautifully with the Maxwell's traditional and jazz musicians. - from JewishSource

You can listen to the album on Rhapsody here... Don't email Maxwell Street and ask for free music. If you want a free CD, get it the way I did- buy a CD then start a local band to promote the art form and gig for about a year.

Because neither I nor my bandmates are Jewish, I was tempted to name our band Goy George.

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