Saturday, August 7, 2010

The 'Lincoln Tree' is no more

During the Civil War...When federal troops took over the Seminary and used it for a hospital, they cut down many trees to use for firewood and other purposes. ...President Lincoln, on a visit, noticed the handsome oak and asked that it be spared for future generations to admire
Helen Reid, Search for the Invisible, p71.

Dr. Stephen Cook, Hebrew Bible Professor at Virginia Theological Seminary reports that "The Lincoln Tree" has been cut down:

Tree surgeons this morning cut down the "Lincoln Tree" in our neighbor's backyard. Apparently carpenter ants had eaten the core of the tree. See photos here..


Dick Stanley said...

Carpenter ants don't seem like much of an excuse. I wonder what the real reason was---expansion of the house, maybe?

Justin said...

Or they found evidence of Black Confederates carved into the wood. Chop it down boys!

Dick Stanley said...


msimons said...

Carpenter Ants can Kill a tree or tear up a house if left alone long enough.

It is always sad to see a historical tree cut down. Maybe they will dry the wood and make idems for sale to aid the school.