Thursday, July 24, 2008

Confederate Reunion- the 48th Virginia

Several of my ancestors served in the 48th Virginia Infantry, Company I. This song was written at their 30th reunion.

O, we belonged to Company I. Some thirty years or more gone by; When Eighty-seven, young and spry, Marched bravely forth to do or die. But now we count but bare eighteen. And every year our ranks grow thin.

Steady, boys, our colors fly! Close the ranks of Company I, 'Till but one is left to breathe a sigh, I, I alone, am Company I. Now he is gone; farewell, bye-bye, Exeunt omnes, Company I.
With the exception of a few years out of the baby boomer generation, my family continues these reunions through descendants organizations.

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John said...

I wrote the history of the 48th Virginia and would like to talk to you about your ancestors, the poem and the picture.

John D. Chapla